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21.03.11 | Habitat 2.x Roadmap

Shortly, System Garden will be releasing Habitat 2.0 in alpha form, which will begin the 2.x series for the performance tool and data collector.

Version 2.x will see the GUI move to Gtk+ 2.x, ready to head towards 3.x in the future, revised storage, improved GUI user experience and greater use as a data platform and relay.

As ever, there are no promises for dates, version naming or even keeping specific features, but there is a draft roadmap…

2.0 Alpha 1 .. n – New GUI, new storage, Linux2.0 Beta 1 .. n – Repository and integration with Harvest2.0 – It all works :-) , Solaris2.1 – MacOS release2.2 – Windows release2.3 – Funky graphics release2.4 – Better properties

To be followed by an events release and even integration with other data sources. Stay tuned…

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02.06.10 | Habitat 1.2.1

Minor but vital changes to long term reliability: the restarting of the clockwork daemon from a job has been fixed and is configured to run every 24 hours in the default table.

Job tables now run from file system by default, rather than the default ringstore. There are now multiple tables shipped in the standard distribution for different modes of operation.

There is a new script to check on the clockwork daemon status, a new job method to shutdown completely and more error messages. Download Habitat.

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09.03.10 | Habitat 1.2

Version 1.2 modifies the process monitoring probe with a built in filter and turns it on by default. The filter is set to ignore processes that report only a small amount of CPU, thereby saving space on processes which aren’t doing much. The filter is simple and easy to customise with a simple set of directives, including floating point values.

Outbound replication to Harvest refactored and improved.64 bit builds supported.

First version to run on Mac OS X under X11 but without working probes and a disabled clockwork collection agent. Instead you can browse ringstores, remote hosts running Habitat/clockwork and Harvest repositories. However, this is for the brave only at this stage and requires macports.

When upgrading a default installation, remove the job table from the local data store (use ‘irs var/.rs clockwork’ from the command line, then when in the tool type ‘rm clockwork’ and confirm to remove the table) or start a new data store by renaming the file (eg ‘mv var/.rs var/.rs.old’). When the clockwork daemon runs again, the new job table will be loaded into the ringstore from the distribution.

Habitat can be downloaded from here.

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